Tuesday, April 26, 2011

M1917 Enfield

You are probably thinking, The Enfield is British! Well, the United States Military made their own version of the Enfield rifle known by most as the M1917 Enfield sniper rifle. The only reason why anybody would know about this rifle is because this is the rifle that Medal Of Honor Recipient Sergeant Alvin York used to snipe 28 Germans leading to the surrender of 132 other German soldiers during the Great War. The rifle is a 30-06 bolt action and weighs 4.08 kg. with a length of 1175mm.
US .30 caliber M1917 rifle, right side.
Although it was a reliable rifle, the U.S. Military decided to stick with the M1903 Springfield rifle. 1917 was the only year this weapon was issued in the military.

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